Nov. 10, 2022

Episode 7: Billie's Body

Episode 7: Billie's Body

With all the physical evidence lost and little investigation into Billie’s case, we look to Billie’s body for clues about what happened the night she was shot. 

The 1991 autopsy of Billie Jean Letterman was performed by a controversial medical examiner named Dr. Fahmy Malak. Because Dr. Malak’s work has been called into question numerous times, we took the autopsy results to Dr. Charles Kokes, who became the new chief medical examiner for the state of Arkansas after Malak resigned amid accusations that he had botched several autopsies. We asked him to review the report to see if he would stand by the conclusions drawn by his controversial predecessor.

We also spoke with Jen Bucholtz to get her insight on Billie’s case. She’s a professor of criminal justice and forensics in Colorado. She’s also a criminal investigator and served as an Army counterintelligence agent.


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