Praise for Burden

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Good true crime podcast

I'm always searching for a good true crime where the investigative journalist isn't making it more dramatic than reality. This one has more heart felt info and none of the fluff like some of the over- dramatic ones. Also terribly sad how this man was allowed to continue to terrorize women in his life and how Billy had to lose hers because of him.


Brilliant investigative journalism! Insightful and powerful deep dive into what such have been an open and shut case. The hosts are exceptional with such attention to detail that it makes the call for justice that more urgent. This is an excellent case study of how the system sometimes will fail those most vulnerable. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who loves true crime and well done investigative journalism.

Well told

Such a well told investigative piece.

Straightforward 👍

True Crime well done. Not salacious, respectful to the family and Billie. Kept my interest. Well narrated and reported. TY!

It’s a great podcast

These podcasts are great. I love how they expose these men with fragile masculinity and how they can only take their fragile masculinity on people weaker than themselves. If this man is still alive, I hope it the public shame is palpable and this podcast leads to his arrest. He should have been rotting in prison years ago.

Captivating and truth seeking!

This podcast is hands down the best I have ever heard when it comes to true crime.Very often we forget that these are real people, with real families that are left reeling and grieving from their horrific murders.This podcast puts this back into perspective and uplifts the very voices of those that have been silenced.The hosts also pour their hearts and souls into this heart wrenching work.It takes a toll on the mind, and truly every aspect of a human to do these investigations and to see the world as it was through the eyes of these lost lives.Their stories aren’t gone forever when you retell them and seek the justice that they so deserve.Thank you ladies for all you do and you can never know the worth of your work! As a survivor and much more of domestic violence I thank you from the bottom of my very spirit! Please listen, like and review this amazing podcast!


Hearing this, I realize how corrupt my hometown is. It’s sad but I have such high hopes that after all these years, Billie can get some type of justice and her family can finally have peace. The podcast covered every question I had even though the investigators did NOT. I’m glad for this- SOME light was shed and I hope something gets done.

Amazing podcast!

Thank you for covering this story! Praying for Justice for Billie Jean!


amazing. Cant wait for the next week!

Riveting story!

Truly enjoying the podcast, and I look forward to each episode!


Well researched and well produced. Amazing details. I listen to it on my drive to work and end up sitting in the parking lot, just to finish the episode. Worth the wait each week! Looking forward to the next one!

Justice for Billie Jean

Praying for justice!!

Tragic but True

This is a horribly tragic story that needs a resolution.

True crime and public accountability together!

Great quality. Variety of voices. Compelling story. Important cause.


Looking forward to the upcoming episodes!

Loved it!

Great job!👏🏼 I can’t wait to hear more…😉

Looks good

This looks good. I am patiently waiting for a new investigation podcast series. The one episode true crime podcasts just aren’t good. I need the suspense of a full season. Let’s go!!! Anyways…I rated this 5 stars because someone actually rated it one star on account of their impatience. Super poor form on that reviewee!

Excited 😆

I’m excited for the rest but the preview sounds good.


Ready to here the rest