Stephanie Harris

I've been in Arkansas since 1997. I did not plan to stay, but it has a way of sucking you in with its beauty, great people, and easy living. I've been a journalist and I'm now a lawyer.

I have worked for judges, as a public defender, had my own practice, and worked on behalf of children and families in the state. I owned a candy store. I started a nonpartisan nonprofit to help women get elected to public office.

I'm a jack of all trades and get easily distracted by all the things I want to do. Burden is a project I've been working on for years. Thanks to Karen at Power of Pod, I'm finally putting it out there!

My favorite things are travel, dogs, learning, helping people, and searching for justice in the many areas that demand it.


Karen Tricot Steward

I am the co-host of Burden, as well as the show’s writer and producer. I have a podcast production company called Power of Pod. I come from a public radio journalism background, having spent more than 15 years as a reporter, anchor, and Content Development Director at the NPR affiliate station in Little Rock, KUAR 89.1. 

I worked for the justices of the Arkansas Supreme Court for three and a half years organizing public education initiatives. It taught me a lot about the complexities of our justice system. 

In 2022, I decided to pursue my dream of opening a podcast production company. I work with clients across the world to create podcasts on topics from racism to overcoming a bad breakup to improving our healthcare system.

It is my hope that people will find the investigative journalism on Burden meaningful and we can go on to have many more seasons. We have lots of ideas! 

Thank you so much for listening!